His performance wasn't great, but then again he only recently learned to ski.
I stayed at the central four-star Hotel Post in St Anton where seven nights half-board costs from £869 pp with Inghams. Find
Fly the friendly skies, then the friendly waters But what about those items you'd like to have, but don't necessarily have
Creating America's largest ski resort looks simple on paper. Take two ginormous ski areas -- Park City and Canyons -- build a connecting lift, and behold: America's biggest mountain destination! It's not that simple in practice.
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This accessibility - even for the novice - was new to me but it is a large factor in what draws visitors of all ski levels
This proves that budget equipment can produce amazing results.
"I covered my face and protected my head with my arms and I kind of just held on until I stopped."
Senior skiers I know have a passion for the sport, and it extends to other areas of their lives -- Valentine's Day included! With that in mind, here are some Valentine's gifts that might feed the passion for your partner and for playing in the snow.
When you grow up gay in this part of America, where LGBT people are essentially invisible, just one hero can change your life.
Remember the first time you did something with your parents? If we're in Breckenridge in the winter, the boys take the lifts straight to Little Johnny's run. It holds special significance because it's the first black diamond run -- the most difficult kind -- the boys carved out with dad.
Strapping yourself onto two tiny pieces of wood--or one thick one--isn't terrifying enough; that's why daredevils brave cliffs, chutes, and iced-over moguls. These near-vertical runs are within recognized ski areas, proving you can be on-piste yet still out of your mind.
2. Step-Ups Skiing and snowboarding are both “leg sports,” so strengthening the quads is hugely important, Morin says. “When
Rather than traversing mountains, rivers, and valleys to get to your sweetheart, we heartily recommend making that journey together -- because it's really hard to top a romantic getaway snuggled up in a cozy mountain cabin or ski chalet.