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3) wearing of blond hair or blond wigs Despite the laws restricting the use of hydroquinone, I found a range of different
While some women would do anything for lighter skin, others wish for just the opposite. Many women came forward in "Light
The products used on the streets are not used by certified professionals. The trade in black market creams and injections
And while Lupita looks lovely in the image -- per usual -- some folks were quick to point out that the star's flawless chocolate
Check out more of India.Arie’s HuffPost Live interview in the clip above. She continued, “I think a lot about Snoop Lion
(Reuters) - Backstage at Dakar Fashion Week a group of young women squeeze into impossibly high heels while others sit still
Dr. Yaba Blay joins Marc to discuss the idea of bleaching one's skin to lighten it and the social implications of that choice.
What do you think of India Arie's "Cocoa Butter" photo? Do you believe she lightened her skin on purpose? UPDATE: India Aria
Is skin bleaching (often promoted in dancehall music) destructive fashion or internal foe? It may be one, both or neither, but regardless of the reason it is a unhealthy practice.
While lightening and brightening the complexion is a relatively new trend in our culture, it's nothing new in the world over.
With Jackson gone, it now seems as if Beyoncé has been positioned in the crosshairs as pop's new bogeyman for pale-skinned blackness. Is she destined to be perpetually vilified over the issue, just as Jackson was?
Wait, what? We're soooo confused. But a new ad for an Indian skin lightening product called Clean and Dry Intimate Wash, spotted
The recent firestorm regarding Beyonce's promotional imagery leaves me baffled. The entire hubbub about Mrs. Knowles-Carter and her whitetification seems misplaced, especially in the Post Michael Jackson Era.
White-washing scandals aren't new for the 30-year-old superstar. In 2008 L'Oreal was accused of digitally lightening Beyonce's
Nivea and MTV have teamed up to bring the women of India "The Biggest Freedom Movement for Women," reports The Toronto Star