skin lightening

The majority of illegal "depigmenting" or skin lightening creams can contain between 8% to 15% of hydroquinone. The use of
While some women would do anything for lighter skin, others wish for just the opposite. Many women came forward in "Light
Elite Daily reports that the mercury level in skin-whitening creams hint to the dangerous nature of the chemicals used to
This isn't the first time questions like this have been asked. Beyoncé and India.Arie are just a few of the black stars who
She continued, “I think a lot about Snoop Lion these days, because if you didn’t know anything about him you would think
All legs and cheekbones, the models are subject to the same pressures as their counterparts walking runways in London, Paris
Dr. Yaba Blay joins Marc to discuss the idea of bleaching one's skin to lighten it and the social implications of that choice.
What do you think of India Arie's "Cocoa Butter" photo? Do you believe she lightened her skin on purpose? Check out this
Is skin bleaching (often promoted in dancehall music) destructive fashion or internal foe? It may be one, both or neither, but regardless of the reason it is a unhealthy practice.