skinny dipping

A man dove naked in an aquarium shark tank and now police are looking for him.
Two English-speaking tourists are being hunted by Italian police for skinny dipping in a war memorial fountain.
Less than a year after her death, I can recall her face in vivid detail, but I know that it will soon begin to disappear, like the pieces of furniture that various relatives keep claiming from her house.
Try not to doggy paddle unless you're trying to be funny or survive. It's much sexier to make casual arm circles while thrashing like a kiddie-pool stalwart underneath the surface.
I also believe there is a time and place for everything, including where and when to bare your body in social situations. Do it because your are comfortable with your body. Don't do it if may makes those around you uncomfortable or someone is pressuring you.
Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa, Maldives Whether it's a dip in your skivvies or a private soak au natural, these tubs are a
Skinny Dipping has a long honored history in the U.S. It's as American as baseball and apple pie.
Take off your clothes and enjoy life naked! Here are the top 10 fun reasons why you should take a nakation this year.
Everyone is invited, newbies and nudists alike.
Americans naturally think Europeans are more sophisticated when it comes to sunbathing "au naturel." The reality is, however, that the U.S. has some of nicest, most popular, well managed, and friendliest nude sunbathing resorts in the world.
But the Sea of Galilee, which is really a lake, holds no religious significance for Israelis, most of whom are Jewish. In
Prior to the mid 1800s, everyone skinny dipped. Swimwear hadn't been invented.
There's one fun organization that barely gives invisible clothing a second thought, and the President proudly wears a birthday suit. It's called The American Association for Nude Recreation.
The website recently conducted its annual summer intentions survey, and asked the following: If you were
There's a reason that teen movies are so full of awesome adventures and misadventures -- being a teenager is the perfect
While people are making plans for taking off on their summer vacations, this smart group of Americans will literally be taking off this summer. They'll be taking off their clothes while on a fun nude vacation which are also called nakations.
Who would have thought that one night of fun, innocent skinny dipping during college would change our lives forever? Well it did! After that night, we were hooked for life and have enjoyed nude recreation ever since.
In an attempt to help set a record, 317 people got naked and splashed in a giant swimming pool over the weekend at White