I had the opportunity to sit down with Bethenny and I asked her why she was hosting the event. With all of Bethenny's success I was curious as to what the biggest struggle has been within herself from struggling financially to being so successful now?
How does Bethenny Frankel's booze taste. Um. We've had better. Way better.
You know what word the magazine used to describe Bethenny? Driven. And they said it like it was a bad thing. Here's why I have a problem with this: Because I have a daughter. And on any given day she wants to be a wife, actor, mother, dancer, writer, doctor, rockstar, teacher.
When Frankel laughed that revealing this would keep her from making any guest appearances in Bruckheimer's upcoming films
Check out the results of our taste test below, and let us know which mixes you've tried. A classic margarita blends tequila
Bethenny has removed from her website the Forbes cover that declared her "the it girl of reality TV [who] sold her line of
Bethenny Frankel, who turned her career on reality TV into a business empire, might not be as successful as she'd like us
This past week I came across a large number of weight quotes attributed to various starlets that I feel need debunking -- both for their sake and for ours.
Reality star turned liquor mogul Bethenny Frankel has been sued by her ex-managers, who claim they helped broker her pairing
Frankel, who got her own reality show on Bravo last year called "Bethenny Getting Married" about her journey to marriage
I enjoyed one mint julep per day at the track and loved it. Nothing is forbidden, but the old me would have had three.
I find it liberating to admit my age, to not define myself by my looks, to admit that I had to work to be "naturally thin."
Every time I have made a decision from love and truth, I have soared. Every time I have closed a door I was afraid to close but knew I should, a greater door opened.
Regarding my writing "Naturally Thin," I never thought I would write a book, it simply was a revelation and an unshackling from endless dieting that I had experienced.