Skip Bayless

The two sports-talk stars had ratcheted up their tension to awkward extremes recently.
The Fox Sports "Undisputed" host wanted to make a statement about Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott.
“There were things done here, by someone here at this network, that were inhumane,” Strahan said.
Sharpe reportedly missed Tuesday's show with Bayless due to the Twitter post – and his words on Wednesday appeared to confirm that.
The "Inside the NBA" crew mocked the feuding "Undisputed" hosts with a really bad impression.
A debate over Tom Brady got ugly between the TV personality and the NFL Hall of Famer.
"She believes that in the end, Charles Barkley would have my blood on his hands," the sports media personality said on his podcast.
The Brooklyn Nets star turned Skip Bayless' gush into mush.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has “lived to regret" his association with the former president, said the Fox Sports commentator.
The Los Angeles Lakers superstar headed to the locker room several minutes before the end of the NBA playoff game with the Phoenix Suns.