skipping school

Hey, Kids: Thinking about cutting class? Maybe you'd like to skip out on that boring lecture and hit the beach, work on that
1. Around 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, start coughing. When your mommy looks concerned and asks if you're OK, act casual. You're simply planting the seed, baby. Planting. The. Seed.
DO double-check deadlines and test dates. Even though spring weather can be amazingly tempting, it’s important to remember
The end of summer in America brings with it two absolutes: 1) school is back in session, and 2) kids are already practicing their small deceptions to get out of it.
These measurements can be critical: Early first impressions dictate who comes to school and how often, a question that influences
The campaign seeks to convince students to come back to school by literally knocking on the students' doors and welcoming
When people emphasize that homeschoolers are normal, that we fit in, I find myself feeling a little frustrated. For just a moment, I find myself thinking, "We aren't just like everyone else! Our lives are a wild adventure!"