The animal looks to be just the latest victim of Yoplait’s container.
The police department said he won't receive any special commendations, but we can think of a few he should get.
Directing traffic, enforcing the law, fighting crime, and rescuing baby skunks from the perils of empty plastic yogurt containers. You know.
We swung by her house, Gwen came out to the car, and she was drop-dead gorgeous. But Lord almighty did she stink. She'd been sprayed earlier that day, and even after four or five showers, she was skunky.
Lollipop the skunk loves treats like papaya and liver, but she might love the challenge of finding it even more! Watch her
A baby skunk is a friend for life. These people went for a walk and a baby skunk started following them and wouldn't leave
It's the pungent smell we all know and fear. And now eau de skunk is permeating from your patio furniture. Now what? You'll
In Joliet, residents came to a City Council meeting in September, complaining that the number of skunks in the area had reached
In what could have been a disastrous event in Grand Junction Saturday, wildlife officials diffused an explosive situation