skydiving accident

"It looks like something went out of sequence."
Investigators in Massachusetts are working to determine what caused a tragic skydiving accident Saturday afternoon.
The recent accident demonstrates that even the most experienced skydivers can experience a mid-air mishap that causes them
"It was not immediately clear why the female victim was in the landing zone," the paper reported. The Macomb Daily said that
Visit KPIX to learn what the FAA reported. There was a jerk, and Flores lurched hard to one side as his chute opened thousands
Winoker ran Winoker Realty, a commercial real estate firm in Manhattan. Sunday also marked Father's Day and the deceased's
To celebrate her 80th last May, the octogenarian chose to go skydiving, something she'd wanted to do for at least ten years
"All of a sudden, the updraft stopped and the wind came from the side. It folded the parachute underneath and put the parachute
Doctors have expressed amazement with Butler's survival, calling it "nothing but divine intervention, nothing short of a