One of the unique things about Skylanders is the depth of its character development. With hundreds of characters across all
From "toys-to-life" games that make real physical figures jump to life on-screen, to 3D games you can take on the road, to games that make you feel like a rock star, there's something for every kid -- or kid at heart -- this year. Here are some of my favorites:
Game-maker Activision Blizzard is expanding into the TV business, as well, with a "Skylanders" series planned for 2016.
What makes a toy hot? Is it hot because it's on TV every 20 minutes in front of your kids or because all of their friends have it so they absolutely must have one too? Or is it hot because it's based on a character they truly love, a passion that they have or their own unique play style, even if they haven't asked for it yet?
It's not all fun and games predicting what the hottest toys will be for any season--especially for the holidays! We're often asked: What will become the next schoolyard currency?
'Tis the season for all of us technogeeks to raise our children (and grandchildren) in our image. This means, of course, our Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas gift list needs to be dominated by a few items geared toward geek development.
As mommy to young kids, there were so many particulars that needed tending to simply get through a day responsibly and with the least amount of tantrums -- "Not the blue bowl!!! The red!" But now that we're a bit older, a lot of these peculiarities have faded away.