SkyMall may not be an in-flight magazine anymore, but you can still shop its collection of absurd products online.
When SkyMall shut down earlier this year, economy-class passengers everywhere shed a collective tear. So we're thanking our
5. Talk to the person next to you. But now that they've bit the dust, we'll finally have time to carry out more important
The Internet was instantly nostalgic about the imminent disappearance of the SkyMall
The catalog, once a favorite among bored airline travelers, said technology drove its demise. SkyMall's parent company Xhibit
For some people, a simple pool float or Slip'N Slide just isn't going to cut it. If you're looking to drop some serious cash
If you're still shopping the SkyMall catalog, then this news is going to hit you pretty hard: The in-flight publication may
Earlier that day when I'd asked the kids what they were most looking forward to at home, I realized I couldn't think of anything myself other than my bed. As I stopped the baby from grabbing my son's headphones, I could feel a dark pit in my chest forming, tears pooling in my eyes.
What if you want to explore other cultures and places but can't hop around the globe like Indiana Jones? Well, if you have space in your yard, then SkyMall has everything that you need to bring the world to you.
If you've ever flown on a plane in the U.S., odds are you've seen the SkyMall catalog tucked in the seatback pocket in front of you.
Is there any better publication for promoting generally useless, utterly baffling products than SkyMall? Until we find one
We love stupid products. Stupid retro products, ridiculous generic products, inappropriate children's products, and so on
Last week, we brought you the stupidest pet products ever invented, and we realized that most of them could be purchased
I see their catalog mostly when I fly. It is the entertainment of first and last resort for the entire airplane. As we take off, people are reading SkyMall. As we land, they are reading SkyMall.