Let Elmo on Fire be the reaction to all your "ahhh" moments at work.
The reason is here is how a BigCo experiment works: Year 0: Track the space. The hard part is Year Three. More questions
This isn't the high road, but it's definitely eye-catching.
"This is a f**king insult," one outspoken advocate of diversity in Silicon Valley said.
The advent of the age of social media has helped ease a lot of the headache that comes with effective communication. There
So what exactly is a chat bot (also known as a chatterbot, a talkbot or even an Artificial Conversational Entity)? Well, definitions vary, but it can be described as an automated computer program that simulates conversation either through text or audio.
I recently had a chance to play around with the Uber API and the experience reaffirmed my belief that Uber is pushing the API economy forward in a meaningful way, providing a roadmap for other commerce apps to follow in building out their own API programs.
If you work remotely, chances are you've experienced a lack of personal connections. After all, you're behind a screen for the majority of your day. And if you work in an office setting, it's still important to be able to foster relationships anywhere you go.
That's why Quip has an inbox, notifications, @-mentions, a like button, and other social features you wouldn't find in a
Four black female engineers from Slack got in formation Tuesday night.