McGraw told Jimmy Fallon that Hill committed to a slap for a scene filmed for "1883."
The Oscars co-host bared her simmering anger during a gig in Florida.
The French teenager apologized and explained he and his mother had endured "verbal assaults."
"Hit me" just took on a whole new meaning. In honor of Mark Wahlberg's new movie "The Gambler," Jimmy Fallon and the actor
In the wondrous, and always sharply opinionated, world of comic book fandom, there are few characters as polarizing as Batman's sidekick, Robin. Plenty of fans out there would like nothing more than to see his grappling hook malfunction over shark-infested waters.
Woman publicly humiliates boyfriend for cheating
Unless I'm beating my toddler in the middle of a Wal-Mart -- which I'm proud to report I haven't resorted to yet, not that I haven't been tempted -- your unsolicited advice is not welcome.
We haven't done a photo caption contest here in far too long, and this one just begged for it. What exactly is Bush saying? Picture a word balloon above him, and what would you put in it?