sled dogs

The alleged assailant killed Nash, a 3-year-old male dog.
A number of people have asked me to comment about dog play after reading this section in a new book by Raymond Coppinger and Mark Feinstein called How Dogs Work.
I'm flailing about like a balloon, and he has to pull me upright. We drive out to where the dogs are chained up -- 14 absolutely magnificent furry and friendly animals, barking, caterwauling, yelping and howling in one mighty cacophony.
You don't try and pet the Greenland sled dog with a cheery Mickey Mouse-like "Come here Pluto," a pat on the head and a treat in your hand, because the treat will be your hand.
Here a bright whitish aura spreads across the horizon, waves at us a little, shoots up a couple of fountain-like columns now and again. But that's about it. Ms. Aurora is definitely a tad shy tonight.
Mackey is four-time champion of both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. He is the only musher to have won both races in the same year, with dual wins in both 2007 and 2008.
One of the most notorious sections of the Iditarod Trail is now a little less perilous. Iditarod Trail Committee crews spent three weeks in October chain sawing, mulching and packing down a 20-mile section between the checkpoints of Rohn and Farewell Lake.
When an SUV slammed into musher Karin Hendrickson's four-wheeler Tuesday evening, she was thrown into the air and her dogs ran from the scene of the accident. She landed in a ditch about 20 feet away, then began making phone calls.
"Like any sports team, it's invigorating to be a part of a group working toward a common goal," Olson said, explaining the