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Kat Duff is the award-winning author of The Alchemy of Illness and The Secret Life of Sleep, which both set out to illuminate experiences often dismissed as private and off limits. In answer to my questions, she shared her insights on sleep in ancient cultures, changing attitudes toward sleep over time, and how (and especially how not) to wake someone up.
Despite being the third pillar of health -- along with nutrition and exercise -- sleep is still too often maligned as a weakness
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Dawson consulted her doctor when she couldn't solve the problem on her own. Tests revealed that she had low levels of progesterone
Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and Dr. Michael Breus join Ricky to offer their best tips for better sleep.
Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and Dr. Michael Breus join Ricky to discuss why sleeping pills may not be so beneficial.
What's the secret to a perfect night's sleep? If only it were that simple. While we know a number of sleep hygiene habits