sleep facts

When your body is at rest, your brain is hard at work.
5. Smartphones are hurting our sleep. If you want good sleep, keep your devices out of the bedroom -- that's the conclusion
Whether you can't fall asleep, stay asleep or find time to sleep, we're here to help -- with an alphabet's worth of solutions
You snack more often -- especially late at night. While some dietitians suggest that eating several smaller, snack-sized
Most dreams aren't very sweet. In fact, dreams tend to be pretty darn unpleasant. A 2008 study confirmed that our dream experiences
Ah, the weekend. Many of us who work long hours during the week may see theweekend as an opportunity to "catch up" on some rest by sleeping in. But is it really possible to recover from sleep loss by finding time later to snooze, and does it do the mind and body any good?
Sleeping doesn't seem like it should be all that hard. After all, humans have been sleeping for hundreds of thousands of
The year that just ended was a big one for sleep, with lots of important, news-making stories related to sleep and sleep disorders. Here are my picks for the biggest sleep stories of 2011, and the most important sleep advice to come from this year's most compelling research into sleep.
By Maggie Jones For most of us, eight hours of sleep is excellent and six hours is no good, but what about if we split the
We spend a third of our lives asleep, and it's clear that without it our brains don't function as well, yet little is known