sleep learning

Every hour after 8 a.m. that an exam is taken is equivalent to 10 missed days of school, a new study finds.
If someone suggested you play music or light a scented candle while you slept to better remember what you learned earlier
The only difference was it took people two to three times longer to decide in which category a word belonged while they were
The researchers had the mice learn to balance on a spinning rod that increasingly spun faster, a learning situation similar
The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Brown University researchers asked study
Scientists have long known that sleep is vital to learning and memory, but now, we might have a better understanding of what
Sleep is already known to boost our brains' ability to learn and remember -- and now, a new study actually demonstrates this
Do you ever feel forgetful and a little sluggish of mind? Do you wish you could pick up new skills more quickly and easily? Here's a tip: You can boost your learning power by beefing up your sleep routine.
We're learning more all the time about how sleep helps us learn and retain information, how it clears the mind and prepares us to learn new things, as well as how it may protect us from the emotional pain of difficult memories.
The researchers tested the subjects’ ability to remember the pairs after 30 minutes, 12 hours or 24 hours. Sleep has many
This form of memory is called working memory capacity, or WMC, and researchers wrote in the study that it could "contribute