sleep schedule

Tip three: Go over the highs and possible lows of the party you attended with your children. This sets it up as an event
  We all expect, when we have that newborn baby in our arms, the sleepless nights. The nights of feeding, rocking and waking
A good night's sleep is key to starting off on the right foot.
5. For a child who tends toward anxiety, 20 minutes of guided imagery or mindfulness exercises right before getting into
Saturday, October 31, is a big day -- not only is it the much-anticipated (by kids) Halloween, it's also the much-anticipated (by parents) last day before the time change. At two a.m. on Sunday, November 1, we "fall back" and gain an extra hour of daylight in the morning.
We know the value of a cozy bed. Despite research suggesting how beneficial sleeping in a cool, quiet and dark space can
Daylight savings time (DST) should not mean a complete shift in your child's sleep routine. Nor does it mean that suddenly your child will become a terrible sleeper.
Many parents and school officials will likely have their own schedules and routines affected by any changes. But even small delays in favor of students can have significant effects on the quantity and quality of their nightly rest, their physical and emotional health, and their performance at school during the day.
Children take their cue from their parents. If parents are calm, reassuring, optimistic and supportive, children will feel both confident and competent.
With touring comes lots of time on the road, with band and crew members trying to get some rest in between commitments. Anywhere from eight to 10 band and crew members sleep on the bus.