sleep talking

I was a sleepwalker as a child. When I was 8 or 9 years old, my parents would tell me stories of the funny and bizarre things
He broke into chatter most nights, within 10 minutes of falling asleep. Even worse, his subconscious mind seemed stuck on his exes: He detailed having sex with previous girlfriends and even recited one former flame's phone number.
"For most people, the talking won't do any physical harm," Dautovich says. "It could just possibly be embarrassing and disruptive
My sleep stories have definitely been a source of comedy in our relationship, but we recently wondered if there may actually be something wrong with me, and my brain. While Isaac would argue that yes, there is definitely something wrong with me (sleep disorder or not), a visit to a neurologist and a gold star on my sleep study proved otherwise.
For most people, sleep talking is typically short-lived and doesn't require any treatment. If it is happening multiple times
Unfortunately, sleep is my truth serum. My unconscious rants are unedited and emerge without sensitivity.
The man I love is as calm and pleasant as the day is long. He treats me with love and respect. He's gentle and soft-spoken, a perfect joy to be with. But when night falls, Mark undergoes a ghastly transformation.
But Longstreet takes solace in his sleep talk. “Something I like about it is that it's not mean-spirited," he said. "I don't
While only 5 percent of adults reportedly suffer from full-bown somniloquy, or sleep talking, it seems many of us have muttered