Sleight of hand

The color-changing sleight-of-hand artist praised previous "AGT" magician winner Shin Lim, then did his own spectacular thing.
Harlan Coben is known to millions of readers. His books appear regularly on the New York Times bestseller list, and more than 60 million have been sold internationally. He was the first writer to receive the Edgar, Shamus and Anthony Awards.
Shin Lim's journey to the top of the magic world is one that would not have been possible in the days of David Copperfield. Lim is nearly completely self-taught, which is pretty rare in the magic community, because his family did not have the means to support his passion for magic.
"This [method] kind of extended to social interactions, now it's taught in business and different areas," Robbins said. "There's
We're sorry to ruin the magic, but we still have mad respect for the crafty skills of Miss Ping, Slightly Mad Max and DJ
The Republican Party has played a clever and cynical sleight of hand on millions of religious Catholics and Protestants from the hierarchy to the simplest believer.
CNN Vice President Bohrman, do you truly believe we viewers are dumb enough to accept a bizarre word scramble as the thesis of a literate and clear thinking President?