The mission of the Female Farmer Project is to document the rise of women in agriculture. I share the images and the stories of women who farm. Some of these women are first generation farmers who come from the corporate world; lawyers, anthropologists, executives, scientists who are bringing a unique skill set to the farm. Some are third or fourth generation farmers but bring a new vision and fresh ideas and are responding to the needs of today's economy by diversifying the farm income.
But, as Collete put it to me, "What I do is who I am." And I admire who she is. She manages it all with a sense of honesty
There is cool and then there is skater cool. I spent an hour shooting at Coleman Skate Park under the Manhattan Bridge and
Our jaws collectively dropped this morning when we found out that today marks Grace Jones' 66th birthday. We can't believe
When we expose our kids to a variety of positive and inspirational content early and on a regular basis, we can make a profound difference in their lives and help encourage a growth mindset.
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Although the killers have been punished, Stevens-Rosine's mother said the pain in her heart remains. Two days later, Stevens
"I'm going to say no comment at this time because I don't know what to tell you. I have to meet with my client," Draudt said
PHOTOS FROM THE CASE: (Story Continues Below) According to Mallory, the women said they rolled the victim into a shallow
Since entering the music world alongside his brothers during his early childhood, Michael Jackson has recorded countless