Upper West Side site will be at PS185/208 campus at 20 West 112th Street, NYC Upper East Side site will be at the PS83/182
Deborah Eisenberg, President, says "Learning about people's passions just makes it easy, fun and natural to connect and ultimately
With St. Paddy's Day right around the corner, we can't help but turn our thoughts to ways to properly celebrate the holiday that pays homage to the Emerald Isle.
More than 100 original artworks by 50 Fountain House Gallery artists were presented in a novel way ­­-- divided among four separate "galleries," each curated by an art-world luminary.
I was in Greece last week and experienced a country completely different than was being portrayed on TV, amazed at how political and economic considerations could color the news so darkly.
Artists such as Jordan J. Lloyd, Mads Madsen and Wayne Degan are at the forefront of this trend, along with Pixartprinting
I first met cultural icon Barbara Plewińska -- "Basia" to her many friends in New York and around the world -- after she
Vocalist and songwriter Jim Gilligan has performed on the PlayMusician stage for two years. Photo: Nan Melville. The two
Indur and Aroon Shivdasani (Indo-American Arts Council), Joya Dass (CNN, New York 1, AVS News Anchor), my friend Sam Bhatia
I spoke to my friend Aroon Shivdasani, founder and director of the Indo-American Arts Council, who told me: Top honors were
The beauty of these mini burgers is, of course, that you can eat a lot of them.
The request to help others is always going to be there. It's our responsibility as citizens of the community to make the effort to lend a hand.
Besieged with daily reports of brutal rapes, murders, and violent robberies, Americans still love stories of criminal slapstick. But the most recent episode of "America's Dumbest Criminals" ended in tragedy, not farce, exposing grotesque failures in the American criminal justice system.