Political leaders are trying to ease escalating outrage over the killing.
Participation and editorial independence As an antidote to the rise of media oligarchs in Central Europe, Denník N relies
3. Bojnice Castle: Bojnice, Slovakia Originally built as a wooden fort in the 12th century, Bojnice Castle has since become
There's no denying that Bratislava, Slovakia, is a convenient way stop between Vienna, Prague and Budapest, all far larger
For South Sudan to succeed, political will and commitment is needed, as well as a long-term vision to build a security sector capable of binding the nation together, not dividing it.
China, Russia, the UK, the USA and France all have veto power. These nations must agree and approve of the next elected Secretary
Over a quarter of a century ago, Eastern Europe broke away from communist rule and the region embraced western style social
The UN system has all that is needed -- institutions, norms and know-how. There are capacities, human resources, brains and hands. But maybe the system is not adequately set to be able to deal with today's challenges the way it is expected from us.
It wasn't long after that that Gregory answered an ad in The Village Voice for a touring gig with The Monkees. He went on
Despite being beaten and her home burned, she fought the companies' eviction in the courts; won her court case after 2 years
The 2016 EU Presidency country is a little known, landlocked country often confused with its neighbor-Slovenia. You will be hearing more about this region in the years to come. Get ahead of the trend, and discover Europe's "forgotten" country
Fico has taken a hard stand from the beginning, echoing Kaczyński, Orbán and Czech President Miloš Zeman in an openly Islamophobic campaign against both the refugees and the EU's attempt to redistribute refugees.
The Catholic Church constructs barriers while speaking in doublespeak saying "we love you," "we welcome you," "we offer you 'Christian love,'" and "we are here to help you change your unwanted attractions and gender identities and expressions."
Liberals from other nations will continue to lobby Washington to advance their home countries' interests. No surprise there. But they shouldn't complain if American liberals choose priceless domestic peace and prosperity over costly international charity and conflict.
Rather than requiring women to ask it for forgiveness, the Vatican needs, instead, to ask those of us whom it has repressed and oppressed for forgiveness of its sins throughout its existence.
hanks to a technicality in counting refugees, hundreds of outlets from Amnesty International to the Brookings Institution have claimed that Saudi Arabia has taken zero refugees -- a ludicrous, but rarely fact-checked statement given the comical lack of a "Great Arabian Wall."
They don't want to open the doors any wider.