Slow Cooker Recipes

Honey glazed and brown sugar spiral hams to make in your Crock-Pot or multicooker this Easter.
Make the weekend special with pot roast, spaghetti and meatballs, bolognese, chicken cacciatore and more.
Chicken, beef, vegan and vegetarian versions of the classic to toss into your Crock-Pot.
Joey, a cat in Canada, woke up his owners Sunday morning after the slow cooker caught on fire.
Get your precooked ham to the right temperature, and find delicious glazes and cooking methods.
Put the ingredients in the pot, walk away and return when you're ready to eat.
They're pretty torn up about this week's episode, too.
Spoiler alert: Don't read this if you're not caught up on "This Is Us."
These delicious dishes from Leigh Anne Wilkes' new Holiday Slow Cooker make hosting a breeze.