slow cooking

When wintry weather has you stuck inside, there's no better way to pass the time than cooking cozy and delicious foods. These dishes may take a little longer to make, but they're totally worth the extra time.
If these won't inspire you to put down your smartphone, nothing will.
The original slow cooker's story is rooted in Jewish mothers and beans.
The slow cooker has had anything but a slow history.
No matter how you serve them, the vegetables will stand up to whatever else is on the plate.
Sometimes innovations in cooking seem like they're only for chefs, or at the very least people with the coin to drop on an immersion circulator. Rarely does something hit the market that is affordable, amazing and totally practical for the home cook. That is exactly how we'd describe the Wonderbag.
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Think of your Crock Pot as a temperature-regulated treasure chest.
Devote a Sunday to this dish (it's winter, we know you're hanging out inside anyway).