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In the slum where Alex lived, his neighbors feared and disdained him. "I felt isolated," he recalls, "because people think
More than 6 million people in Kenya defecate in the open.
These maps help slums get services like electricity and plumbing.
Jacqueline M Klopp, Associate Research Scholar, Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Columbia University and Jeffrey
Egyptian journalist Mohamed Abdelfattah explains how, indeed, there is a stark and visible contrast between rich and poor
India has the largest population of illiterate adults in the world.
They bring their slum citizens along with them into the 21st century so they don't risk being dragged back collectively into the last century. They do it because it's the right thing to do and because they are protecting the future of everyone in the city.
Every week at The Pollination Project, we make small seed grants to social change entrepreneurs and visionaries all over the world. This week we are honored to support projects that help reduce harm among vulnerable people, and promote hope, healing and goodness around the world.
Crime, inequality, and urban poverty are highly intertwined. Crime patterns can be both symptoms and drivers of inequality. Informal settlements often epitomize the hot spots of urban violence.