Listen up Slurpee fans -- you've got a birthday celebration to attend this weekend.  On Saturday, July 11, 7-Eleven is giving
Because, you know, it's 7/11.
"Who wants a Slurpee?" I suddenly asked. I glanced in the rear view mirror, expecting excited replies at mom's spontaneity and generosity, but was met with blank stares. "What's a Slurpee?" replied the older one.
Owners Sushil Prakash and Josephine Kiran opened up a mini-library in their store full of books donated by their son and
"At first the cameras were a little weird to get used to, but once they're around all the time ... you just become yourself
The Slurpee was allegedly invented when an anonymous genius put some sodas in the freezer to cool down! In 2004, Slurpee
The unofficial start of summer means it's time to change your closet over and prepare for Con Ed to use and abuse you on a monthly basis for daring to turn your AC on. Here are a few more reasons to consider making a break from New York City.
"You know, when I hear such sweeping criticism of President Obama, I would encourage your viewers to check out a web page
Squinting to see the road through the rain and fog on I-95, I tried to suppress the memory of my team playing like Notre Dame on quaaludes and losing 37-6 to Harvard.