As a female entrepreneur I know how important the art of networking is to small business success. However, I also think some women in business way overthink networking to the point of paralysis by analysis.
Community involvement is crucial for small business owners to network and meet new clients. Before you even start your business, your community connections are a valuable resource for discovering which goods or services your community is lacking.
Many small businesses don't have designated marketing staff or much of a marketing budget, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a very successful marketing strategy. Small businesses actually have the advantage when it comes to marketing, especially in the digital realm.
Remember a month ago when everyone was panicking about the new Instagram algorithm that Facebook had previously adopted? We were worried that the new algorithm would affect the interaction we receive on our photos and how it might affect our businesses. Well, it's happening and it's KILLING retail sales for small businesses.
The best way that I know how to have a great 2016 is to end 2015 strong. This is a prime opportunity to leverage the remainder of the year to your advantage. To do just that, begin by following the three simple steps I've outlined below.
If you want funding, you need to start with a business that is fundable. Ask any serious advisor or investor and you will get an absolute truth: 99 percent of the ideas as they come are not fundable.
I often make the analogy that starting a company is like being a Roomba (that robot vacuum that zooms across your floors), because the robot often hits the walls and has to course-correct constantly to achieve its cleaning objective.