Remarkably since its launch, little has changed when it comes to Drybar's business model which sells happiness and confidence
If the candidate makes it to the hiring manager, they might spend two minutes looking at the resume before the interview
Entrepreneurs with a growing business need to outsource. There's often no way around it. A winning team will always prevail.
While mixing business with friendship can work out, many people choose to keep business separate from friendships. Business
It's often said that employees don't leave bad companies, they leave bad managers. And on the flip side, the teams that accomplish
Every new business faces a key challenge: how can you jump to where potential customers hang out and convert some of them
Let's say you are applying for a new job. You have a professional resume, a complete LinkedIn profile, letters of recommendation and you have lots of experience for the position you are applying to.
Over the course of placing hundreds of freelancers in contract positions at some of the biggest and smallest companies in the world, I've observed that certain companies know how to work with freelancers more effectively than others.
"I can't find any good people to work for me." This is the #1 lament I hear from business owners.
Students will be grateful for the opportunity to prove themselves in a real-world setting -- getting the job experience they need to be competitive in the workplace. And you'll be happy to get the support staff you need, without putting your bank account into the red.
Many business owners end-up hiring the first person who walks through the door. Others just hire the one they "liked the
You may think that accepting a resume should be sufficient, but using a comprehensive employee application saves organizations time and money in the long-run by making the hiring process more efficient.
As a business owner, you expect to work long hours and wear many hats. But, there comes a time when "enough is enough." You make a decision to get some help.
Employee hiring is an important and unavoidable part of small business HR. And the most common way most small businesses handle their employee hiring? Through interviews.
If you've ever tried to recruit a new employee for your small business, you know how challenging the process can be.
As an employer, you prefer to have honest employees. It's through honesty that your business is able to thrive because it helps develop a positive company culture. Just as your business needs honest employees, your employees need you to be honest with them.
When it comes to running your business, employee relations is likely at the top of your list. But small business HR can be complicated, especially regarding legal and fair termination.
Like most people who are just starting their own business, I heeded to Bill Gate's advice which is to hire people that are smarter than you.
As the CEO of a rapidly growing startup, I am challenged with both the "classic small business" and the wildly unpredictable phases of growth. I feel lucky that much of the original team is still with the company today and dedicated to seeing this go big.
A growing number of studies are revealing how ineffective, damaging, and potentially discriminatory resumes can be in the job application process. Here are four reasons we need to ditch the resume and find a better way to hire.