While your brand might not have the financial resources to partner with the game, that doesn't mean you can't incorporate it into your marketing strategy. In fact, you would be foolish to not at least consider the possibility.
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With more than 500 million active monthly users that create over 95 million pieces of content every day, Instagram presents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses. Yet, many businesses aren't active on the social network, taking advantage of the organic possibilities.
Consumers fast-forward through TV commercials, turn the page on print ads, and skip over pre-roll videos on YouTube. They change the channel on radio ads, are too distracted to notice billboards, and have become so proficient at surfing the web that they can tune out banner ads like it's second nature.
Amazing traffic is more than SEO and visualizing success. It's about being anywhere your customers are and making it so easy to find you that they wouldn't think of going anywhere else.
Many small businesses don't have designated marketing staff or much of a marketing budget, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a very successful marketing strategy. Small businesses actually have the advantage when it comes to marketing, especially in the digital realm.
Let's say you just conducted a one-hour teleseminar. It got great reviews from all who attended. You post up the replay for those who couldn't make it and move on to something else. No! Reuse that content instead. Here are 12 ways you can do it
A dozen years into its remarkable run, Facebook continues to amaze. Once restricted to college kids for the primary uses of picking up girls, sharing political views and "poking" their friends, the social media platform is now available to people of all ages, all over the world.
In April of last year, Google released an update that was a push for a mobile-friendly user experience. This update gave favor to sites in mobile search that had incorporated responsive design by ranking them above others that had not.
So here is the tip of the year to eliminate that big hairy stress ball: When you get super clear on what you do best and how you do it uniquely, there is no competition. There's just a best fit for your businesses and the niche you attract.
Company DNA Are you a company or a brand? There's a distinction. The mom and pop burger joint on the corner is a company
Of course, words like "reeling" and "successful" are relative. Google might bemoan a day in which it receives fewer than
If you're an owner of a construction company, you may find the world of marketing a bit intimidating. It can seem like it's constantly changing - because it is. Marketing has evolved more in the past ten years than it has the hundred years prior. Why? The internet.
Possibly the most famous example of a company going to extraordinary lengths to improve employee satisfaction is Google, with
Since the advent of social media, brands have been scrambling for ways to engage fans and monetize from their expressed fandom. More than one billion people are on Facebook, the world's most popular social media platform, while billions of others are on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and so on.
Are you spending countless hours clacking away at your keyboard, publishing blog posts and articles and getting nothing in response except the sound of crickets? Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you to create content that your customers will be clamoring to read.
Travel, electronics, dinners for two... everyone finds it exciting to win something. And as small business owners, we love to create excitement around our products with sweepstakes and contests. But when the excitement is over, do you get the results you expected?
Seattle Meowtropolitan has avoided the sameness trap. This café decided to be different. Have you ever been to Seattle? So
Such exposure can be vital to help grow your business. 4. Before & After Images Consider some of the following: Close up
I was munching on some fresh mango at breakfast in Costa Rica a few weeks ago when one of my dear friends asked, 'what were some of your favourite learnings from the conference'.