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I'm pretty excited about todays post because I've put together a cheat sheet for all you biz owners and bloggers out there. I've put together the ultimate social media guide to help keep you on track in growing your social media empire!!!
Whether it's your website, brochures, or product packaging -- design will help separate you from the crowd and elevate your brand in the minds of consumers. It's the easiest way to gain an instant, noticeable boost in how people see you.
Company DNA Are you a company or a brand? There's a distinction. The mom and pop burger joint on the corner is a company
#5 Stay Relevant Adding to that, an ebook survives longer than simple blog posts that you have to be constantly posting and
So someone may have advised you to get a press kit together, but you have no idea why you actually need one. Maybe you haven't even had dealings with the press. Your business isn't that big, after all. Here's a list of reasons to fill you in on why a press kit (also called media kit) is so important no matter who you are
Of course, words like "reeling" and "successful" are relative. Google might bemoan a day in which it receives fewer than
Over half (56%) of all Americans dream of starting their own business but only a few people ever make the leap to this fundamental aspiration.
Since the advent of social media, brands have been scrambling for ways to engage fans and monetize from their expressed fandom. More than one billion people are on Facebook, the world's most popular social media platform, while billions of others are on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and so on.
As a marketer, you should never tune out new ways to generate business leads. The moment you become complacent about your advertising is the moment your business starts dying.