Your company should look at these seriously, if only because so many others are already doing so. Full disclosure: some of
The Panasonic scanning device is in test mode for now -- but the company expects it to go live by February with more being
8. Be attentive. I have learned that it is highly irritating when people keep telling me how "busy they are", how they are
So again, how slow? There is some good news from the report. Download and upload speeds are increasing. Faster broadband
Co-present. As you generate support for your work, reach out to the individuals endorsing it, pitching the idea of a joint
The auditors at Constant Contact wanted to talk to me about my emails. They were proactively reviewing my lists and found
A USB Battery Pack Starting a small or medium sized tech company is a big step. They are popping up all over these days and
On September 4, 1941, an American ship, the Greer, was attacked by a German submarine. The incident, among others, added
Remarkably since its launch, little has changed when it comes to Drybar's business model which sells happiness and confidence
In early 2016, Jessica Leber of Fast Company made an impressively strong case for increased corporate investment--time, energy
You've dotted your "i"s and crossed your "t"s. You have a crystal clear brand, image, and message; you know exactly who your target audience is; and you're going after it, with a solid strategy in place. And yet... you find yourself banging your head against a wall. You're getting little or no traction from media, VIPs, or venues you're outreaching. How should you interpret the (non) response?
With two minutes to go in the game, the quarterback narrows his focus and executes a perfect pass to his receiver cutting across the middle. Touchdown!
I have a good friend and client who runs a small business, and he frequently tells me that, even though his business is profitable, he's up many nights worrying about it. Now he's got something else to worry about: All this stress may cause him to get cancer.
Luckily, you have a few other sources of capital to tap into: online small business loans, equity financing, crowdfunding, or family and friends--to name a few. But what about the government? Are there government small business loans?
Picture this: you own a successful local retail business in, say, beautiful Washington, DC. All of your hard work and sacrifice is paying off. You aren't banging it out of the park, but you are doing nicely. Your customer base is growing, your inventory is under control, and you are starting to turn a steady profit.
One thing to remember about all this great technology -- it won't work on its own. The clients I have who make the best use
Anxiety is a totally normal and even expected part of running your own business. Here's how to keep from being crippled by it.
Many creatives talk about following their passion which is the reason why a lot of us became entrepreneurs. However, making
Along the way, I've discovered seven critical factors that are keys to entrepreneurial success. They are predictors of future achievement and accomplishment. In fact, these seven factors are so critical, they are equivalent to the DNA of success for your lifestyle business.
As a freelancer turned business owner, it seems like I'm always invoicing someone or paying an invoice. At first, when my business wasn't much more than an idea, I used Square to accept online payments. It worked perfectly for the first 6 months or so.