small business stories

How I Did It: Jack Guarnieri discusses how Jersey Jack Pinball was formerly a Pinball machine distributor, but in 2011, they became the second company in America to produce full size pinball machines. Their pinball machines are not your typical model, they bring pinball into the 21st century with a new revolutionary design that integrates a 26" LED monitor/screen.
For American manufacturing to resurge in this competitive global market, handcrafted niche products are an essential pillar that needs to be developed. With cheaper foreign alternatives this will be no easy task, but it is not impossible.
How I Did It: Robyn Sue Fisher has discovered a way to make ice cream taste even better by using her own super high-tech ice cream machine dubbed “Kelvin” which uses liquid nitrogen. This ice cream machine was developed over the course of 2 years with the help of a NASA engineer.