For the new small business owner, navigating the murky waters of taxes, comes with understanding new terms, and regulations on top of the once you have already been trying to understand over the last year.
The IRS gives us until April 15 to turn in personal tax information, however for businesses, March 15 is the date they are due to be filed. It's time to get moving.
I thought I'd take the opportunity for a quick lesson in remedial math on small business taxes. Fact-based explanations reveal Speaker Boehner's math-challenged rhetoric for what it is -- nonsense.
The truth of the matter is that small business owners are far more concerned about improving economic conditions for the middle class -- a category virtually all their customers fall into and which 97 percent of them are part of, too.
I found myself saying, "I can't believe we have to send that much of our money to the government."
But alas, in the real world even the smallest business owner needs to realize that we are in a co-dependent relationship with office holders in our cities, counties, states and even at the head office in Washington, DC.