small plates

Reducing plate size by even one inch can make a big difference in calorie consumption.
Guy: Tapas joint in Washington Heights, how can I help you? The exchange (or lack thereof) continued. Me: ::sigh:: S-A-R
Huge pots of stew and mammoth haunches of lamb increasingly crowd wooden tables at hip restaurants.
The small plate has taken over Chicago. But sometimes, especially in these subzero temperatures, all you really want is a hefty plate of delicious food that belongs to you and only you. Sharing completely optional.
We love food, but we also love getting wine drunk enough to eat the non-edible garnish and order an extra plate of fries. So when one of our favorite BYOB restaurants limited the alcohol a party could bring in, we were disappointed.
In the race to be the Top Chef: All-Star of Washington, D.C., Mike Isabella has just raised the bar. Your move, Spike, Carla and Bryan.
Some of the nation's most recognizable culinary stars like Ludo Lefebvre, Suzanne Goin, Roy Choi, Nancy Silverton, Jon Shook
As for the decor, Umbel said he's making a 180 degree turn from Hook. That means wooden tables sans tablecloths, bare brick
How do you keep the food and wine flowing when your cash flow is limited?
Let's face it: you're not always in the mood for a three course meal. Sometimes the occasion calls for a few small dishes