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Packed lecture halls and being one in a sea of 80 or more students is a common image of a college classroom. However, at a small school like mine, Keene State College, no student is lost in the masses.
It's getting easier to open a really cool school. A new wave of tiny schools are creating options for students, parents, and educators. Micro-schools vary in size, approach, and governance.
It has been my own experience, in five different colleges and universities, that the small school sector may exhibit a bit more enthusiasm for reaching out to sister institutions to leverage relationships through partnership programs and collaborative enterprises.
The disgusting reality that the president ignores is that true believers in competition undermined the education of children destined to be defeated in their market-driven "reforms."
NEW YORK -- President Barack Obama's visit on Friday to a Brooklyn public school operated in partnership with IBM puts him, perhaps unwittingly, in the thick of a charged battle over education policy in the nation's largest school system.
But again in 2011, Robeson wound up on the city's closure list. “Roughly half of the kids who come to this school will graduate
According to an October study from researchers at MIT and Duke, the central focus of Mayor Bloomberg's education plan - smaller
Since you don't know three-fourths of the student population in your building, you have to rely on cameras to identify them
You've looked around; you've talked to faculty; you've met with staff; the coach has shown you the locker room and the resident assistant has shown you the room. You love it here or you hate it here, and that's going to be the most important factor.
And while small schools, on average, appear to be doing better with the students they receive, quite a few have done badly
Among the reprints of graduation speeches by famous people, I was most taken by this short speech by high school senior Gracie Mungovan which I want to share it here, with her permission.
This San Jose high school goes out of its way to find students that were not successful in middle school. Through building relationships and hard work, each student leaves DCP college-bound.
Deborah Meier is considered the founder of the modern small-schools movement. She founded the Central Park East Schools, the first of the teacher-led small schools, in East Harlem in 1974.
I am a great admirer of two educational communities in New York City -- the Bloomingdale Family Program and the Julia Richman Education Complex.
Charter operators and their lobbying groups have dis-empowered teachers and turned charters into a self-interested, anti-public school, anti-union entrepreneurial venture.
As Denver Public Schools struggles to pursue a consistent reform strategy, the district is encountering a multitude of obstacles, including repercussions from its history of failure.
When the city closed large, failing high schools to make way for new small schools, thousands of students who might once have attended those large schools were diverted to the remaining large schools.