small wedding

Bigger isn't always better -- just ask these couples.
We decided to elope simply because we felt weddings have lost the art of being about love. Not all, but many turn into a
"Simple" does not necessarily mean less expensive.
There was only the sweet, lisping voice of our officiant; the kind, happy eyes of our witness; Danny's deep and loving expression as he watched my quivering lips; and everywhere in the room, our love.
It's amazing how much less concern there is when you take the getting married part out of the wedding and just have a party.
I married Bill in my older son's apartment in Manhattan. My younger son, who is an artist and professor -- but also a marriage officiant who can perform services -- married us. He included words from my late husband's prayerbook, an especially moving consecration.
This lovely couple from California wanted a small intimate wedding abroad, away from the hassle of having to organize a large event back home for their family and friends.