small weddings

Not everyone dreams of a grand or gigantic wedding celebration. But planning a small ceremony without offending your larger circle of family and friends can be difficult to navigate. Wedding planners give tips on how to save money.
And the photos are like something out of a dream.
When I look on Facebook and see all of the wonderful comments and likes on my 2012 wedding photos, I'm thinking, "Dang. I wish I could have invited her" and "Crap. He is such an awesome friend/party guest/cool dude. I wish he could have come."
My wedding was not an art show or a family reunion. I am not planning an event for the community or waiting for an approval; I am starting my future. This was the start of the life I dreamed of and it truly began that rainy night on the beach.
After all these years of writing about weddings though, I recently went to my first Chicago City Hall wedding. This is what I learned: City Hall weddings aren't beautiful in spite of being held in a court room, they're beautiful because of it.