smart cities

Disruption is 1.0...Collaboration is 2.0...Partnerships are 3.0 Urban transformation is complex and comes in different phases
With budgets tight, the city had to think creatively, and make more of the facilities they have. The approach they've taken
Amsterdam has developed an Airbnb for city-owned offices, so residents can use them for free, and may do the same with municipal
Professors Sassen's lecture was a great introduction to further panels and discussions of the Smart Metropolia. This year security, immigration and openness were among the most discussed issues.
This poses great challenges for persons with disabilities worldwide and can not only cause deep social and economic marginalization
Most human activity happens in cities. More than 50 percent of the world's population lives in urban areas, with the U.S
These articles presented initiatives from around the world to promote new technologies in urban governance. Check out more
This week, global policy makers gather in Quito for the Habitat III Conference to reinvigorate the global commitment to the sustainable development of cities. Meeting every 20 years, the Habitat Conference will this year focus on setting a new Urban Agenda.
That same principle applies to higher-order decisions, like where to send your children to school or which neighbourhood
It is because of this proven track record of success that cities had a critical role to play at the COP21 climate negotiations
The event focuses on Exponential Growth and Impact so that participants exchange experience how it is to design business
Figure 2. US female life expectancy at birth relative to 21 other high-income countries, 1980--2006. Data from the National
The effects of this urban population surge are exacerbated because cities tend to be coastal, increasing their exposure to
Suicides account for 64% of all gun-related deaths, especially among older populations of males. Making firearms easy-to