smart girls

Smart Girls has grown into a real community. One of the main goals of that community is to let people, especially young girls
The hardest part was to rewrite the narrative of who I was based on what I had internalized from other people's expectations. As if it was some immutable, narrow thing, rather than choices and work.
On July 9 and 10, over 300 girls from more than 30 states and six countries gathered under one roof in New York City for the very first Smart Girls Conference.
The “Parks & Recreation” star took to making a video on her “Smart Girls Channel” Thursday as she often does, but let her
Poehler's response is wide-reaching yet incisive and shows just how in touch she is with the lives of teen girls. (She was
How do we western women, so often raised by unempowered mothers, make a necessary shift in our thinking and our actions in order to gift our daughters with a full inheritance of feminine power?
What makes smart girls more vulnerable and less confident when they should be the most confident kids in the room?