smart girls at the party

Amy Poehler inspires countless people every day, and is a wealth of both comedy and excellent advice. She knows the value of an open mind in today's quote.
Jason Mantzoukas ("The League," "The Dictator") contributed an episode of Amy Poehler's web series "Smart Girls," in which
“Reading and writing she called her 'freedom,' and she enjoyed that freedom for over 30 years because she lived to be 116
Naveen explains, "For Sikh men, when someone sees their turban, they automatically think they're part of a terrorist group
Poehler offers advice to a young woman with body issues who finds it hard to love herself. "We wanted something to feel bite
Amy Poehler's web-series "Smart Girls at the Party" may mostly cater to young women and their questions, but they're an all
Like all self-respecting feminist fans of funny, I worship at the altar of Amy Poehler, whose small-town, Middle-American
Watch "Smart Girls At The Party" and it'll take you a few minutes to figure out if it's all a joke or dead serious. It's
SNL-veteran Amy Poehler recently launched a new web series called Smart Girls At The Party. Sponsored by Barbie, the show