smart home

Everyone wants a more eco-friendly home.
Sure, it's creepy, but so is summoning strangers to pick you up at home in their own cars.
Consumer responses are positive. James Teo said, "I'm interested in the fact that everything is ready by the time I open
As the video shows, the entire Aristotle system - hub, camera and app - is feature packed and impressive. We love the Do
With the exception of the voters of our country, everything seems to be getting smarter these days. Phones, televisions, security systems, music players, gaming consoles and even entire houses. All that was really left was staring at a smart mirror that gave you weather updates as you watched yourself shaving.
If you want to get started with home automation, but have no idea where to start, remember to figure out your needs, start small, and do your research, and you'll be on your way to a smarter home in no time.
Many people acquire smart homes simply for the convenience of being able to control your entire household with a single remote
Hagiwara wanted a simple way of making small, easy tweaks to existing gadgets. "It's easy for anyone to craft something with
Many visionaries have hit turbulence when trying to live up to lofty expectations, only to continue on and do incredible
The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a great little buzz word for Internet-controlled home automation equipment. Sensors and chips to control electronics have gotten so small and cheap that they can now be put into most electronics around the house.
One of the most popular automation integration systems experts recommend is Control4, which starts around $1,000. "Pick an
What once was a shelter, a safe harbor, the place you locked up at night after the kids were asleep and shuttered away the outside world, no longer exists. Mobile devices and gadgets are connected to a world that is exciting, but also comes with some risks.
These new, emerging ecosystems will define the smartphone industry over the next 10 years, and will likely be the primary
7. iRobot's Braava 380t floor mopper, sister to the beloved Roomba vacuum, uses expert technology to clean every square inch
The biggest and most exciting challenge of this technology is how to creatively leverage this ever growing amount of data
The company just introduced some cool new devices to compliment its popular "Echo" speaker.
If my iPhone isn't secure anymore, how can I expect my smart home to be safe? By forcing Apple to cripple it's security systems, the FBI ensures we'll never be able to fully trust that any technology we invite into our homes doesn't come with a second set of eyes. Or third. Or fourth...