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New research suggests that dating as a woman is, in fact, the worst.
Let's uncover some reasons that most entrepreneurs fail online and what can be done to turn it all around.
The stress ball bounces back because that is the way it is designed. We, too, are designed to bounce back if we stay true to form.
Smart women entrepreneurs usually achieve high-level success leaving a wake of failures that cannot be rebounded from, only lived. Women are, and always have been, trail-blazers in the business world.
If you make a list of 25 Smart White Women on Twitter, I'd know what to expect. You make a list of "Smart Women" and all
The progressive left has no deficit in smart, engaging and fun women who could fill this role. Trust me, I know them. But
Perhaps it would be wiser to get a few well-placed highlights and dab on a little lip gloss. This will help create an aura not only of attractiveness but also of self-confidence.
Dating is not an afterthought for when you've taken care of everything else. As far as anyone can tell, deep, meaningful relationships are the most important part of life.
A few of my very smart women friends think Palin has what it takes. I don't get it. Why can't they see what I see and what many conservative pundits are falling all over themselves to say? Palin is not qualified. I was so confused, I sought the advice of experts.
How is it that at such a young age, we almost instinctively understand that it's "better" to be small/thin versus big or large?
Does Dowd have a "duty" as the only female NYT op-ed columnist to deliver N.O.W.-approved opinions?
Stop reading Maureen Dowd's column. Smart young women must reject the myth that men are intimidated them, or it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.