smarter balanced

To those worried about students taking too many tests, this was probably a welcome move. But for educators who used the old
Getting from where the school was back in 2004 to where it is now was a long journey. It required some real know-how by educators
That can be true for tests as well. I have talked with many students who like pitting themselves against state tests. There
However, she too is worried about the students who haven't been in Gillard for very long. Like many high-poverty schools
Then, implementation happened. Many teachers felt rushed to produce results. Parents couldn't understand their child's homework
PARCC, of course, is one of the new assessments intended to help inform parents and educators whether students are on track to graduate from high school ready for either college or career training.
I have begun a quest to see how expert educators are reacting to the new assessments their students are taking. The new assessments, designed to see if students are on track to be ready for college or careers, have been disconcerting for many educators, parents and the general public.
If parents and educators can see the test results as demonstrating the work that needs to be done -- rather than as a pronouncement of doom -- we would be much better off.<
On September 09, 2015, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson released California's Smarter Balanced results, which comprise the largest component of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CASPP).
"One of its fundamental arguments has been knocked out from under it."