Earlier this year, a similar lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems was resolved after Fox News agreed to settle for $787.5 million.
The MyPillow CEO is accused of owing millions to a pair of law firms defending him in defamation suits from two voting machine companies.
The company alleges that the former mayor has so far resisted its request for documents pertaining to Donald Trump's coup attempt.
Tucker Carlson spoke out publicly for the first time since Fox News gave him the boot.
In a shocking announcement, the right-wing host is leaving Fox News. Here’s a look at some of his most repugnant moments on his prime-time show.
Despite its $787.5 million defamation deal with Dominion this week, the right-wing network faces another legal challenge involving 2020 election lies.
The right-wing network's legal battles aren't over.
While ex-President Donald Trump spewed lies at CPAC, Fox News posted a graphic saying that voting companies have denied allegations of cheating during the 2020 election.
Some far-right news organizations are now issuing on-air retractions of their vote fraud claims against electronic voting system companies, Smartmatic and Dominion.
"Crazy like a fox," says the latest defamation suit against the MyPillow CEO and Trump acolyte.