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By Megan Molteni for WIRED. Smartphone apps are great at lots of things, from sending selfies, to solving late-night taco
The irony is that even if Facebook's many connectivity initiatives succeed, it won't get many people access
The app is seen as a "digital protest" in advance of Iran's upcoming elections.
For years, I've bragged of my radio interviews, "These are great for filling time productively during long flights and long
As a parent of vivacious boys aged 5 and 8 obsessed with breaking-up and creating blocks and hiding from the Enderman in the mobile version of Minecraft, I have conflicting feelings about my kids playing this game.
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The app is available for free on iTunes. Online bullying is a widespread problem Hyper is trying not to contribute to. About
MediCapt's makers are focused on ensuring women in the developing world can seek out justice easier. The app -- which launched