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By Megan Molteni for WIRED. Smartphone apps are great at lots of things, from sending selfies, to solving late-night taco
As the mobile sector continues to contract, the question of how companies can reach customers like Alvarado's Guatemalan
The app is seen as a "digital protest" in advance of Iran's upcoming elections.
I've worked long and hard and spent piles of money on a pet project of mine: our free Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app. I'm
As a parent of vivacious boys aged 5 and 8 obsessed with breaking-up and creating blocks and hiding from the Enderman in the mobile version of Minecraft, I have conflicting feelings about my kids playing this game.
Mobile applications for phones and tablets have exploded in popularity — more than 100 billion apps will be downloaded this
Negative content that promotes bullying, Frieber explained, can't be effective on Hyper, as it'll quickly get downvoted: "Those
MediCapt will serve as a vital tool in collecting evidence and information on cases concerning sexual violence in the Democratic
Oppegaard thought it was interesting that people in the park often plan their days around these predictions, and wanted to
Founded by contributors, this 24-hour texting hotline provides realtime emotional support for young adults
The researchers only looked at what techniques were include with each app, they did not test whether or not any of the apps
Your smartphone is about to become your best friend when traveling, even if you don't want to shell out big bucks for an international data plan.
While the smartphone camera's point-and-shoot feature makes it easy to use, choosing the right image-enhancing app can prove more difficult.
This innovative paradigm allows instantaneous matching and real time interaction. However as with any burgeoning technology, success depends on two key factors, which only the future can tell: