smartphone security

There's a lot you can do to protect your phone's integrity.
Android's greatest strength is also its most serious weakness.
Apple's recent malware problem is alarming, but don't head for the hills just yet.
Thefts involving smartphones have declined dramatically in three major cities since manufacturers began implementing "kill switches."
Flip phones are certainly not "safer" than smartphones.
As smartphones are increasingly used for financial transactions, sharing sensitive personal and proprietary information, and for operating other devices (such as home security systems), the field for intruders grows and becomes increasingly attractive.
1. Stay away from anyone who promises to make you NSA proof. They are trying to sell you something. 2. Stay away from public
Facebook does not make any promises about protection against hackers, nor should Facebook make such a promise, because it
One idea that may gain a lot of interest (full disclosure: it is a product we have developed), called Office Anti-Spy, turns
Shops and stores are using technology such as iBeacon to try and "enhance" the shopping experience. Basically when a shopper
co-authored by Dr. Stephen Bryen, CEO Ziklag Systems Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland called her colleague in
BYOD and mobile device users often circumvent corporate security policies and safeguards. That is because installing and
In short, the fingerprint scanner may be more of a gimmick than a serious security measure for a smartphone. If users are
Even if our phone is turned off, a hacker or intruder may have the means to turn the phone back on without letting you know. You won't see the screen light up or any other activity on the phone. But ON it is.
By analyzing over 1.85 million mobile apps and vulnerabilities, the study found that 92 percent of identified threats involved Android smartphones (one of the most popular cellphones available).
Mobile connectivity is exploding and smartphones and tablets are whetting the appetites of cyber criminals and the population of hacker world. Any device that has information stored on it is vulnerable.
If you think of your smartphone as just a phone, rather than a very powerful mini-computer that happens to make phone calls, you may be cruising for a world of pain.
During the holidays, most of us are out to get the best deal and we often choose to shop at a website that has what we're looking for at the cheapest price. Before shopping at an unfamiliar site, always check out the company first. Do they have trust seals to confirm they are legit?