For some that are struggling just to get by, it can be the only way the business manages to pay employees and keep the lights on. For others with a little more of a safety net, a big tax refund is a major opportunity.
The technology that most people carry in their pockets in the form of a smartphone makes it increasingly easy for them and their employers to participate in the 5 major trends we see impacting the SMB workplace in 2015.
While cyber attacks on major U.S. corporations like Target and Home Depot garner most of the media coverage on hacking, the reality is, smaller businesses also face significant risks.
By setting goals, considering the bottom line and taking small steps throughout the year (versus a once-a-year canned food drive), SMBs can make a huge impact on the larger community while creating goodwill (and profits) for their own companies.
In the small business sphere, ironically something that may have been erroneously considered as a job-killer has been found to be a catalyst for creating jobs: technology.
It's important to strike a balance. Yes, Amazon is good for reaching a broader audience, but it can't be the exclusive model you use to market and sell your product, especially when it's clear they aren't operating in your favor.