Americans, he added, shouldn't care about seeing non-American civilians killed.
If a cop works for a locality and the DA is responsible for the quality of the cop's work, how can one prosecute a subordinate without prosecuting yourself?
I see the need for a draft to ensure that a trigger-happy president and Congress don't overextend us in a dangerous world to fulfill commitments that should never have been made.
Chris Matthews is mistaken when he thinks that a Mitt Romney defeat will mute Mitch McConnell, the senator who famously said that his "single most important goal" was to defeat Obama. The opposite is more likely.
By opting out of the GOP, as much as I am loathe to say it, Smerconish is hurting the country as a whole. He is giving these people more power than they deserve to have, at least in Pennsylvania.
Michael Smerconish has been on the radio for years in Philadelphia, but he shot to national recognition on Aug. 20 when he
I hope that President Obama calling people out on the incivilities will lessen the rewards for acting like a dope. Whether the Kanye comment was leaked or not, we all need to just start calling this behavior for what it is.
COMPLETE VP DEBATE COVERAGE: BIDEN PALIN VIDEO, HIGHLIGHTS "My dad and my uncle are kind of mocking me," he recalled. "My