Smile Train

The patients go on to lead full lives and become productive members of society.
Recycling can improve the world in many ways. One of our favorites comes from a very caring high school student. Sonali Ranaweera was given $100 as a gift and decided she was going to use that money to help people. That's when Recycling4Smiles was born. She got the idea to recycle the cans and bottles and give that money to the foundation, Smile Train.
World Smile Day was started by Harvey Ball, the creator of the smiley face logo, in 1963. He believed that everyone should devote one day a year to smiles and acts of compassion throughout the world. Sounds pretty good to us.
We've all seen the ads on the subway depicting children with cleft lips. Yes, they're hard to look at, but what's even harder to digest is the truth about what life looks like for these kids. What people may not realize is that they aren't just suffering from a cosmetic deformity.
I couldn't resist opening an appeal that landed in my mailbox the other day from Smile Train, a charity that provides surgery
Do NGOs have the opportunity to operate both ethically and successfully? Or do some sacrifices need to be made?
But now, following two operations, her daughter' face has been largely repaired. In a couple of months, specialists will