Everyone wins when police dogs visit sick kids in the hospital.
The Duchenne smile is perceived as more sincere, honest, friendly, and approachable. Cultivating such a smile would have a positive influence on a person's feelings, state of being, and may influence his or her interpersonal relationships.
Every time I visit Thailand I get blown away about the hospitality there. The people are both genuine and friendly and want to do the best for you. No wonder why Thailand is called "The Land of Smiles."
You're smiling as you read this because you understand that the choices I make today affect you and your daily life right now. You are truly proud and honored to have been me because your overall journey sprinkled with mistakes, hardships, rejections, failures, and heartbreaks became your recipe to the happiness that resides in you in this very moment.
But who can sleep? Not Mac, who helps sweep up at closing. He lives in a hotel with cockroaches and other bugs that go crawly in the night. On to his chest. He sleeps with cotton wool in his ears.
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"There's a big lesson to be had out of this," Orput continued. "The lesson is: Guys, this isn't harmless. Handing out drugs
In 2004, I was working in a fabulous jazz club here in New York. When we first opened, each of the staff named a celebrity whom we would love to meet at the club. According to our agreement, if that person came in while you worked, they were yours to look after.
While I have been trying to teach him, he has been teaching me quite a bit about life and how to be successful. Skeptical that a toddler can do that? Well, consider this...
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"Why is it that we rejoice at a wedding and cry at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved.? As you might
Happiness is this boy who laughed with the world and isn't letting hardships get him down. It's this Trekker getting the
My heart and brain remember all the emotions. I no longer fight it. I express it, share it with people close to me and then choose to live. I hope you do the same.
Jay-Z and Beyonce had their first baby, we landed on Mars, the 2012 Summer Olympics - there have been a lot of reasons to
As we start planning to ring in the New Year, let's take an opportunity to celebrate what made us smile in 2012.
In their first year, they made 288 stockings and "this past year, we sent over 10,000 stockings to our troops. All with their
The trouble is, for people from countries where smiles are readily sent out, this behavior in turn is often interpreted negatively